Friday, December 28, 2007

My Resolution

Christmas is over; New Year is around the corner. Most of my things are in boxes or have already been shipped home. The pictures of my family and friends that have decorated my walls for the past 11 months are packed away. All but one, it is of me and my children by the Mulberry River back home.

I have no decorations to pluck off the tree and re-pack this year. My one strand of lights is coiled neatly in my footlocker beside Santa's hat and a stocking. I do not have to spend hours vacuuming up hundreds of pine needles only to find one in July as I walk barefoot across my living room.

There aren't a dozen bags of garbage at the curb full of wrapping paper and empty boxes. There are no children ambushing my car with snow balls as I drive across town; no snowmen decorated with twigs and worn-out clothes.

This year, the holidays just didn't spread the cheer that I have enjoyed in the past. In fact, it came and went all too soon. I missed the over-crowded stores and angry shoppers that bite and claw their way to the sales on Christmas Eve.

Next year, I will be with my family and friends and take time to enjoy the moments I have missed this year. Holidays, special days and every day, I will take time to enjoy the little things as much as the big ones.

It sounds so easy on paper - it is my resolution this year.