Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

It's Christmas Eve 2007; I sit alone in my room. My Christmas lights are shining and I miss my family and friends. Today was supposed to be a non-mission day and all of Charlie Battery was supposed to be together for Christmas Day. Like it has been all too often though, the missions go on and many of my brothers are spending Christmas on mission at another base.

To many of us it doesn't matter. Many of them have said they could care less if they were here or on mission today; it's just another day. That is the common feeling this year. Most of us just shrug when someone says, "Merry Christmas." Most of us do not want to be reminded that we are missing yet another holiday far from home.

Tonight was going to be like many others; Mike and I were hooking up after work and going to the gym. Tonight however, we have to wear our body armor to go outside because we are supposed to be attacked, so we couldn't go to the gym. I decided to work on packing some more boxes to ship home.

The Armed Forces Network plays holiday video tributes from home and earlier today I watched "A Christmas Story." It is the only indication for me that Christmas is near. Now I am watching Mixed Martial Arts and I can feel my testosterone level elevating.

I did get to call my children last night. They are glad it is Christmas and I tried to sound excited about it too; just for their sake. My daughter was slightly too busy and my son was missing his tooth. He had one fall out earlier that day and was not happy about it. My daughter is Little Miss Busy and seems to reluctantly take time to talk with daddy, but she is always so enthusiastic about it.

I have received several boxes and large envelopes full of letters and cards written by school children. They are truly uplifting and always bring a smile. Many of the homemade cards from a Fort Smith school start off, "Merry Christmas Army." The cards from my sister's students are personalized. Most of them start, "Merry Christmas Will."

I was upset that I have prided myself in answering all of the letters I have received, but I have so many cards and letters there is no way I could possibly write to each child. I will however write to the teachers and pass on my appreciation for their support.

On Christmas Eve, alone and far from home, with the anticipation of a pending attack tonight, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.