Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Alone

This is a poem I wrote about 15 years ago when I was in the Navy. It was my first Christmas away from my family. It is as true for me this year as it was then; except now my children are the little feet I miss instead of my brothers and my sister.

Christmas Alone

Christmas is a time of joy
And spreading Christmas cheer
But I don't have that feeling
As I celebrate this year

There is no roaring fireplace
And the mantle looks so bare
Maybe the reason is because
There's just one stocking there

The lights that cover the tree
Don't shine like in the past
And with no presents to open
How long will this Christmas last?

With a falling snowflake
There also falls a tear
For Santa won't be bringing me
Any presents this year

How can Christmas feel the same
Without the patter of little feet?
Tumbling across the living room
To see if Santa left a treat

As I'm spending Christmas
In a place so far from home
A tear-stained pillow reminds me
I'm spending it all alone