Sunday, November 4, 2007

Entering the Blogosphere

Today starts like many others; I lay in my bed barely awake and contemplate my day. I climb out of the top bunk and quietly sit at my computer as I turn it on. My roommate is still sleeping and I try to be respectful. As I rub the crud out of my eyes, Windows XP screams "Good Morning" so loudly my speakers vibrate and my roommate sits up in his bed and looks around in the darkness. I apologize and he quickly goes back to sleep.

My screen brightens and my eyes adjust. The harddrive light is going crazy as my computer comes to life. Outlook opens and I scan through various emails and press releases. Does anything catch my eye today; an email or two from home, a couple things on Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and more and more alarming things from China these days.

Off to Google to check my feeds and see who has updated recently. Who has been inspired while I was dreaming of home and how much I can’t wait to hold my children? I check SiteMeter and see activity has been steady through my night. I always like to see where my readers are coming from. I scan through the list and see the usual MilBlogging, Badgers Forward, Thunder Run and This F*ing War. A few more catch my interests. I am excited to see that more explorers in the Blogosphere are finding me.

Slowly, I am mentioned and listed on other Blogs and more readers are dropping by to hear my nonsense. Lemonade Stand and Cool, Calm & Collected are new to my referrals list. A few Google searches catch my eye and make me laugh. One visitor from Australia Googled “Hadji Man Rub Tart” to find my post on getting a haircut by Hadji a couple weeks ago. Ha, we have many Australians stationed here and I can only imagine the conversation back home that initiated that search.

One thing I have noticed and admire is the camaraderie that is unmistakable among Bloggers. As you navigate from one Blog to another, you notice common themes, interests and the dedication that each one brings to the readers. I don’t know if I can fit into this tight family of friends and enemies who share themselves with the world through their words. I am eager to try though as I too enjoy putting my emotions on my sleeve and sharing a little piece of my world to anyone who might stumble by.

The sun is peering through the window now and my roommate’s snores break the calming silence. One more day in Iraq is over and I am one day closer to being home. One thing that I have come to enjoy so much about Blogging is that no matter where you are; you are with friends.