Friday, October 26, 2007

Why I AM a MilBlog

When I started having issues about my blog a short time ago, I was told to get rid of it. I urgently researched dozens of MilBlogs, rules, regulations, advice and encouraging articles about Military Bloggers. Though I like to write about me, I sometimes write about my passions as they affect me.

One name kept popping up regarding frontline MilBloggers, Badger6. Everywhere I turned, Badger6 was being referenced. So, I emailed him and asked his advice on the matter and sought his guidance. I knew he was a busy soldier and quite frankly, never thought I'd hear from him.

A few days ago though, I was excited to get an email from him. We have corresponded a time or two and he has helped drive me to continue telling my story. He gave me a few tips that made me think. He encouraged me to write. To write every day or every couple of days, but told me that if I go mainstream, they will come. People will drop by to read what I say.

I often write with a passion on issues I feel strongly about. It is almost never political or military in nature. I feel strongly about many issues, but this is not my forum to talk about Abortion, God in school or my favorite baseball team, the Chicago Cubs. There will be plenty of articles in my future blogs for that.

I do feel strongly about free speech though and believe that this is a place for that. I fight for the United States. I defend our way of life and the US Constitution. Our very first amendment is the right of freedom of speech. I read an article by Kevin R. Watkins that you should read if you get the chance. It is titled, "Reprehensible Free Speech on Myspace"

"The principle of free thought is not free thought for those who agree with us but freedom for the thought we hate." US Supreme Court

I do not want to turn my journal into a political springboard though. That is not why I started my journal. I will however, show my pride for my country and our military fighting men and women whenever I can. I support the idea of freedom of speech for those who have the same ideas as me and the ones who don’t.

I do feel that there is a line, a point when free speech is muted; when the words or actions are so extreme and so harsh that there is no constitutional right to hide behind. I get so infuriated when I see idiots protesting at a soldier's funeral, waving banners that say, "I'm glad your son is dead" or "Thank God for dead soldiers." I can't tell you how badly those idiots tear at my gut. I can't imagine anyone telling a mother they are glad her child is dead and smiling while they are saying it to show pride in their cause.

Hate the war, the politics, the mess in Washington; sure. But I have no tolerance for those who protest the soldiers who have sworn an oath to give their lives in their defense. I am thankful for groups like the Patriot Guard Riders who have banded together to support fallen heroes and their families.

Our soldiers give much more than their lives, they give the lives of their families as well. I have so much admiration and respect for military families, for the men and women that take on the daily struggle to maintain peace and balance in their homes so their soldiers can focus on the challenges ahead.

Thank you, all of you who support your soldiers -wherever they are.