Saturday, March 3, 2007

It's movie night

So, I was reading over my journal today. I have received a ton of emails and comments and I love all of them. I never imagined my stories would have such an impact on so many. With the popularity, I feel obligated to take on a bit of responsibility. I have to say that after reading my entire journal from start to finish I was sad. It sounds so grim and dismal. Anyone that knows me knows that though I have had my share of depressing times, I am not that way by nature.

I am having an awesome time as permitted and limited by Army regulations. I am sort of the MWR representative of our area. We watch movies almost every night on the huge walls of our compound with my video projector I got at Christmas. It is awesome I must say. A huge 30ft screen and amazing $20 Hadji sound system that has 2 volumes... off and on! Everyone drops by, asks what the movie is for the night and we all hang out.

We have bought a microwave and refrigerator. So the popcorn is hot and the Hadji Coke is cold. We have had as few as one and as many as twenty. We cook hamburgers on the grill and dance in the isle...well, I dance in the isle. It is a huge trailer park that sometimes gets rocketed. I decided after my second or third night, when I hunkered down in a bunker and jumped at every noise, that I wasn't going to let my enemy defeat me. I refuse to live in fear every day, wondering if today is the day.

This week we have found a new entertainment device; a stun gun. The local Hadji-Mart sells stun guns, and when you sneak up to your buddy and zap him in the buttocks or the leg, he falls down or hops around hollering! It is so funny! Then you have the tough guys that see what parts of their body or yours can take the stun gun the longest. It is totally childish humor, but for some reason it is so funny.

I got to talk to my kids yesterday and can't tell you how happy I was for that. The time difference is a huge pain, but I do what I can to stay in touch. My sister gave them a dog and they are so excited. They were going to get it and my son was all happy and asked if I was going to come too. Then he got sad and said, "Oh, I forgot you are in can't come!" It truly broke my heart. I would never wish a divorce on any child, but this war adds so much more. He doesn't really understand what is going on, but he knows I can't come see him when I want. I will be taking vacation in a couple months. Not a day to soon whenever it comes!!!