Saturday, February 10, 2007

Charlie Battery hits Kuwait

Well, not much has been going on this past week, but today the rest of Charlie Battery joined us in Kuwait. As relaxing as it's been, it's good to be with all my friends and "get on with the show". This base seems to have more than tripled from what it was just a few short days ago. You can definitely see the increase in troops the president talked about sending to this country. It seems like they are all coming through here. The lines for everything have grown exponentially! A couple days ago I was able to walk over and get on the phone with little or no wait. Tonight I waited for an hour and a half and my kids weren't even home when I called. The lines to get on the internet were just as long, so I didn't even attempt the internet tonight.

I have moved out of the plush, secluded tents the ADVON (Advanced Party) was staying in and moved down with the rest of the guys. We now have 2 tents for 150 guys. The cots are so close together, you can touch both your neighbors with your elbows. As a "late arrival" to the big tents, I am sleeping in the isle.

Today was spent running everyone around base in one of two 25 person vans we have. I am one of two drivers, so I played tour guide today. Oh, we also had to change a flat tire on the other bus. I'm ready to go north and start doing what we came here to do. The only way to finish and go home is to get it started.